Merry Christmas 2018!!

Dear Family and Friends,

Christmas greetings to everyone!

Time truly does fly by as we get older – didn’t I just update this page? 2018 was a tame year – not too many wild vacation stories and no wildfire evacuations in this neighborhood, thank God!!

 Eric continues to grow like a weed.  Both boys are at or around my (Dan’s) current height. Alex has slowed and maybe stopped but I think Eric is still going, being he’s only 14.

Eric continues to compete in Soccer, Basketball and Track, which keeps Mom and Dad busy running him to practices, games, meets, etc… I could fill a library with our “Eric sports pictures” (see 2018 in Review Picture Gallery).  He just made the top soccer team for his age group for Spring of 2019.  We just need to get him to the end of middle school–he can’t wait to be done with it and in high school!

Alex has continued running both track and cross country and made it to State in both, running the 4 x 800 relay in track and the 5k in cross country. His relay team also ran in the Kansas Relays in the spring in Lawrence, KS which was a good reason to visit KC and family. His You-Tube channel (Z3cubing) hit 100,000 subscribers this year and he also completed his Eagle project for Boy Scouts.  Academically he’s amazed us, being at the top of his class this year!

Janaye is in her Junior year at CSU studying civil engineering. She has been working for the city of Loveland, CO as a Traffic Engineering Technician, which has confirmed for her that she does not want to go into traffic engineering!  She had an adventure to Jamaica this summer on a mission trip with her church. We’ll miss her this Christmas as she is traveling with Jonnavin to visit his family in Ireland.

To see a few pictures from the past year, click on the “2018 in Review-Picture Gallery” link above and check ’em out!!  Oh yeah, if you can, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and leave us a note to let us know you stopped by – Thanks!

We wish you a joyous Christmas season!  God bless you all!!

Dan, Michelle, Janaye, Alex and Eric


12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2018!!

  1. Eventually I’ll get all of my picture archives moved to this new webpage format. It’s probably not happening anytime soon. Dan

  2. Hi Dan, Michele & kids,
    We enjoyed all your pictures for 2011. Looks like lots of fun to us. Your kids are growing up….there’s lots more to come…high school, college, weddings. Mom and I both survived it all and you will too…enjoy every minute! Love, Denise & Mom

  3. Hi Dan, Michelle, Janaye, Alex and Eric. I loved the picture gallery. This last year flew by and the kids look so much older at the end of 2011 than they did at the beginning of the year. They are so cute …. . I lhope you have a wonderful Christmas season filled with love, joy, laughter and lots more pictures.
    Love and hugs,
    Mom (Grandma Nancy)

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE! Isn’t turning 50 a blast!…. Not! I still have 18 more days of being 49. You look great. Keep up the hard work of staying ahead of the nature cycle of life. Hope to see you all soon. Miss you guys. Love you, Jennifer and Family

  5. Nice to read about the kids. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!! We will be leaving for KC Friday night. Will be there intil the 6th of Jan. Miss & Love Ya !!!

  6. Merry Christmas! I’ll be in Fort Collins, March 17th for a photography show at the center of photography, I have a photograph in the show. If Janaye stays at school that weekend, I would love to see her if she can make it! Email me if she want the details. I would love to see you all , Merry Christmas! Oxoxo

  7. happy New Year!! The pictures are great. You have had a busy year. Can’t wait to see what exciting things are in store for next year. Love and hugs to all of you.
    Mom (Grandma Nancy)

  8. These are great photos. I’ll have to get some copies for senior year photos next year! Since Tim is in several.
    Thanks for sharing!
    The Fritsches
    PS–I laughed at the one of Michelle opening her Mother’s Day gifts with such sweet joy and the boys looking less than excited =). Could have been a photo of us with different faces!

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