Merry Christmas 2021!!

Dear Family and Friends,

Christmas greetings to everyone!

Yes! We made it through 2021 – and we thought 2020 was hard! We almost avoided Covid  this year until Michelle contracted it somehow on Dec 30.  We think Eric probably had it earlier in the month as he had what we thought was a cold.  Many of his friends have had it–all with mild cases, thank goodness.

Eric is now a Junior in High School. Since school sports returned to normal schedules in the fall, he stayed busy with soccer practice and games. Now, early track & field practices have already started with his high school team (which has one of the top cross country teams in the nation!). That keeps him busy running sprints, relays, hurdles, long and triple jumping!

Alex had a very busy year, especially this past summer (see 2021 pics) which also kept mom and dad hopping! He’s now in his Sophomore year at the University of Colorado Boulder with a double major in Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. This summer, he finished climbing the top 100 highest peaks in Colorado, ran a 25 mile trail race, hiked the 485 mile Colorado Trail (alone). He then did the Pikes Peak Marathon (2nd in age group), ran the ‘Run Rabbit Run’ 100 mile race in Steamboat (1st in age group) and completed several other climbing/hiking adventures. He’s already planning adventures for next summer. Guess he loves the Colorado mountains like his parents.

Janaye and her husband Jonnavin made the move from the Boardwell house in old town Erie to an apartment in Thornton, Colorado in February.  Janaye is very close to her job at a civil engineering company. Thankfully they aren’t too far down the road and stop in almost weekly for visits. They are both doing well despite recent car troubles!

Michelle and I are doing well.  My Sept. 2020 knee replacement is finally feeling more normal but I haven’t joined Alex running in the mountains (yet!). Michelle is still running almost daily. We are both staying busy working remotely, house remodel projects and shepherding/worrying over 2 teenage boys.

As always, to see a few pictures from the past year, click on the “2021 in Review-Picture Gallery” link above and check them out!!  And if you want, leave us a reply at the bottom here to let us know you stopped by – Thanks!

We wish you a joyous Christmas season!  God bless you all!!

Dan, Michelle, Alex and Eric (Janaye & Jonnavin)

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2021!!

  1. Loved looking at your year in review and videos! So many great accomplishments and events in spite of the COVID! You have a wonderful family! Love all those wedding pics!
    Love, Denise

  2. So honored to be able to celebrate some of these milestones with you. You are blessed with a lovely family. Happy 2021!
    ~ The Arndts

  3. I love all the pictures and the captions. It was so fun to go down memory lane and be a part of a few of your big events. Sure wish I could have been there for more. Congratulations to Eric, Alex , Janaye and Jonnavin for all their accomplishments in 2020 and the beautiful wedding I was able to attend.
    Love, Hugs and Blessings to all of you.
    Mom and Grandma Nancy

  4. Happy New Years! I loved all the pictures. Don’t know how you keep up with the boys and there adventures.
    Love, Aunt Linda

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