Merry Christmas 2020!!

Dear Family and Friends,

Christmas greetings to everyone!

I just read my Greeting from last year with all of the grand plans for 2020 – boy, little did we know what was coming at us!  Besides COVID, it has been a busy year for us with graduations, wedding plans and such.

Janaye and Jonnavin’s wedding in July was quite the planning puzzle with restrictions on group size changing weekly.  It ended up being a beautiful ceremony, streamed online for those at home at a venue in a nice wooded area in the Colorado mountains. It was great to see old friends and family.  Although we had to abbreviate the celebration, Janaye and Jonnavin hope to have a big party at some point in the future that all can attend.

Eric is now 16 and driving. Yikes!  That was both a shock and a blessing as mom and dad aren’t chauffeuring him to school, soccer or track practice. He is now a sophomore in high school and experiencing mostly virtual classes for now.  HIgh school sports were postponed or cancelled so far this year which has left him with lots of ‘I’m bored’ time.  He did get to play club soccer in the fall.  Eric is a big help around the house/yard, especially while Dan has been recovering.

Alex, like everyone else, had his senior year track season cancelled in the spring. It was heartbreaking for the kids plus we missed those afternoons off from work, sitting in the stands and cheering on the team. His good news is he graduated as high school Valedictorian. This was a goal he had on his list for the last few years and we are so proud of his accomplishment. He started his first year of college at University of Colorado Boulder studying electrical and computer engineering. Since his classes have all been online, he opted out of the dorms and stayed at home. Also this summer, Alex climbed all 58 of the 14,000ft. mountains in Colorado.  This is a great feat to accomplish in a lifetime, not many can say they did it in 2 months! (Like mother, like son, Michelle also climbed them all in 1992/93). His next goal is to climb all of the “Centennials” (highest 100 peaks in Colorado) and hike the Colorado trail. Alex’s video of his summer climbing is posted in ‘Videos’ above.

Janaye graduated from Colorado State University in the spring. She has settled into married life with new hubby Jonnavin and is living about a mile down the road in the Boardwell family’s old house.  She was just hired for a civil engineering job in Thornton. They are looking to find an apartment near there which will put them about 10-15 miles from Erie.

Michelle and I have been fortunate to have ‘work from home’ jobs that haven’t been affected by the COVID shutdowns. My ‘honey do’ list of home remodeling projects was interrupted in September by a total knee replacement. I’ve been one of the slower patients to bounce back from this with trouble getting my old flexion and extension back. I’m still limping around but improving daily. Michelle, on the other hand is in great shape, running almost daily and exercising with a local group (Camp Gladiator).

As always, to see a few pictures from the past year, click on the “2020 in Review-Picture Gallery” link above and check ’em out!! Also, I added 4 videos (Video Tab above). And if you want, leave us a reply at the bottom here to let us know you stopped by – Thanks!

We wish you a joyous Christmas season!  God bless you all!!

Dan, Michelle, Janaye, Alex and Eric

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2020!!

  1. Loved looking at your year in review and videos! So many great accomplishments and events in spite of the COVID! You have a wonderful family! Love all those wedding pics!
    Love, Denise

  2. So honored to be able to celebrate some of these milestones with you. You are blessed with a lovely family. Happy 2021!
    ~ The Arndts

  3. I love all the pictures and the captions. It was so fun to go down memory lane and be a part of a few of your big events. Sure wish I could have been there for more. Congratulations to Eric, Alex , Janaye and Jonnavin for all their accomplishments in 2020 and the beautiful wedding I was able to attend.
    Love, Hugs and Blessings to all of you.
    Mom and Grandma Nancy

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